Friday 27 December 2013

2 months

This blog post is a couple weeks late...but here it is. ~ 2 months ~ 
Age: 2 months
Height: 23 inches
Weight: 11lbs 4 oz

Milestones: Dominik smiles all the time! He can recognize when Mommy & Daddy are in the room and look our way. He is able to get a strong grip on our finger. He also has been rolling over, we even caught the first roll over on video! 

Sleep: Dominik slept 8 hours in a row!! I woke up concerned something was wrong and he was sleeping away. I've been lucky to have several more 8 hour sleeps in a row. 
During the day he still likes to fall asleep when he is all snuggled up on someone. I am trying to place him in his crib more so he gets used to nap time in his crib and not on someone. 

Best Moment: Seeing him roll over and smile after he did. Also....I snatched up some parent parking! first time:)

Worst Moment: When we went to our checkup and our doctor suggested we go right to the ER as he was having troubles breathing. He had to have infant x-rays. Was a brave little guy and was sent home and able to fight off what he had. 

Health: Getting over his cold and otherwise back to normal! We just are so grateful he is healthy. 

Tummy time: He is getting so strong and can hold his head up for a long time on tummy time now. When he decides he has had enough he will roll over.

Exercise: Still loving our daily walks and now he stays awake for part of it just looking around. We did have a snowday so we took him out for a walk and watched Cypress play in the snow. 

Puppy love: they are going to be the best of friends! Cypress is very interested in all of Dominik's squeeky toys right now.

Smile: all the time!!! we love it SO much. So many different facial expressions, we love everyone!


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