Saturday 16 November 2013

25 days of Christmas bucket list

I decided to make a Christmas bucket get in the Christmas spirit! 

1. Send a letter to Sinterklaas 
2. Make our traditional gingerbread cookies & post a blog with the recipe
3. Send Christmas cards out to friends and family
4. Donate to a favourite charity
5. Find reindeer antlers for our dog Cypress and take a picture 
6. Shop and fill a stocking for baby Dominik
7. hang Christmas lights around and inside the house
8. Set-up nativity scene and Christmas tree
9. Download some new Christmas music and play it around the house
10. Do something nice for someone else that they will really remember 
11. Find a new tradition to start 
12. Have a festive Christmas breakfast
13. Drink hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights 
14. Make treats for neighbours and friends
15. Buy a new Christmas ornament and hang on the tree
16. Buy a Christmas book and read it to Dominik
17. Snowshoe with Dominik
18. Throw snowballs at Cypress and video it
19. Watch Christmas cartoons with Dominik 
20. Start the tradition of new Christmas pajama's to wear on Christmas Eve 
21. Cuddle up with blankets by the fireplace drinking homemade hot apple cider 
22. Watch Home Alone & National Lampoons Christmas Vacation back to back 
23. Read the Christmas story in the Bible
24. Enjoy a great Christmas church service 
25. Spend Christmas morning with my little family 

I've already crossed off sending a letter to Sinterklaas
Picture below on the front of the card and the inside letter read: 
(paw print drawn) - Woof woof. Love Cypress
Dear Sinterklaas,  Even though I am only 12 days old, I have been very good this year. I promise to sleep through the whole night without crying. Love Dominik

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