Wednesday 26 June 2013

parents off to Africa

We had a late father’s day dinner/ goodbye to my parents who leave on a missions trip to Africa.

I have never made cheesecake before but found a great recipe. The cheesecake turned out great. I ended up using orea cookies on the bottom instead. Click for the link to the cheesecake
My parents leave for a trip to Africa so I made a quick goodie bag of favorites for on the plane.
                                                         chocolate peanut butter pretzels, realfruit, droppies

They are going to Malawi, Africa and will be visiting the following:
Orphan care centers
Soy Milk Site – produces milk for the orphans
Palliative Care Center
Ebenezer School 
The trip is more about checking out the different projects to see if we want to partner with or fund a project in the area.
They will be staying with missionary families. Pray for safety, health & God’s direction/wisdom!

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