Monday 18 November 2013

1 month old already

Age: 1 month
Height: 21 inches
Weight: 8lbs 11oz 

Milestones: Dominik was strong from day 1 but we definitely notice he is getting stronger and stronger when lifting his head. His smile was a huge milestone!
He will also react to loud noises and will turn his head to where voices are coming from. 

Sleep: Dominik is getting better every night at sleep and falling asleep on his own. He sleeps in his own crib and often needs us to sing him songs to fall asleep. We have had a few great nights where he wakes up every 4 hours but an average night is every 3 hours. 
During the day he likes to fall asleep when he is all snuggled up on someone. 

Best Moment: Just cuddling and snuggling up with him. We love all his facial reactions (will try to capture some). 

Worst Moment: When I thought he had an eye infection but it was just a blocked tear duct. 
Daddy says: "going to work" 

Health: Overall Dominik is a very healthy baby boy, we thank God for that everyday!!

Tummy time: We are trying to get some tummy time in every day. If he is in the right mood he loves tummy time on his new mat. 

Exercise: We try to get out and walk everyday. Once settled in to the stroller or carrier Dominik tends to fall asleep instantly.  We are so happy with our stroller and carrier, I highly recommend them. The BECO is great for long walks as it has great support for the back and hips. 

Holidays: 1st holiday for Dominik was Halloween. He dressed up as a little bear  

Road Trip: 1st big road trip and sight of snow on the Coquihalla 
There will be many more stops there in the future hiking the mountains with Daddy 

Puppy love: He likes his babysitter and best bud Cypress

Soother: I went as long as I could without a soother...but he seems to want one so I got the Soothie which he seems to love. 

Smile: we saw his first smile at 2 1/2 weeks. A few weeks later we managed to capture his SMILE!!! we love him. 

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  1. Oh yes, those are real and infectious smiles!